Research Topics

  • Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Decision Making
  • Social Neurocognition
  • Obesity
  • Mental Disorders and Intervention

Brief Biographical Sketch

Dr. Lu Liu is a neurocognitive scientist at the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke. She received her Ph. D. in 2017 at Beijing Normal University. At the BNU, she had focused on the alterations of executive function and reward-processing and the underlying neural mechanisms in individuals with internet gaming disorder, while also the effective psychotherapeutic interventions in IGD.

Since April 1st, 2018, she started working at University of Lübeck under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Soyoung Q Park, focusing on `The nutrition and metabolism, and the impact on human behaviors´. She is interested in and keen on exploring the relationship between nutrition, metabolism, neural activation and human behaviors. By applying behavioral experiments combining with neural and metabolic measurements and statistics analyses, they not only focus on the effects of one-short nutrition-manipulation, but also the impact of long-term diet on human’s cognitive performance, and the relationships of specific cohorts and intergeneration. In addition, she would like to apply the insights of this field to further development of interventions in nutrition-related obesity and mental disorders (e. g. anorexia, bulimia nervosa).

In daily life, Lu Liu enjoys cooking and baking, and taking pictures with Berlin bears.

Key Publications

Oroz Artigas, S., Liu, L., Strang, S., Burrasch, C., Hermsteiner, A., Munte, T. F., Park, S. Q.: Enhancement in dopamine reduces generous behaviour in women. PLoS One 14(12), 9 (2019). [Open Access]

Liu, L., Yao, Y.-W., Li, C. S. R., Zhang, J., Xia, C. C., Lan, J., [...], Fang, X.-Y.: The comorbidity between Internet gaming disorder and depression: interrelationship and neural mechanisms. Frontiers in psychiatry 9, 154 (2018). [Open Access]

Liu, L., Yip, S. W., Zhang, J.-T., Wang, L.-J., Shen, Z.-J., Liu, B., Ma, S.-S., Yao, Y.-W., Fang, X.-Y.: Activation of the ventral and dorsal striatum during cue reactivity in Internet gaming disorder. Addiction biology 22(3), 791-801 (2017).

Liu, L., Xue, G., Potenza, M. N., Zhang, J.-T., Yao, Y.-W., Xia, C.-C., Lan, J., Ma, S.-S., Fang, X.-Y.: Dissociable neural processes during risky decision-making in individuals with Internet-gaming disorder. NeuroImage: Clinical 14, 741-749 (2017). [Open Access]