Research Topics

  • Diabetes-Related Complications
  • Diabetes Sub-Phenotyping

Key Publications

Polemiti, E., Baudry, J., Kuxhaus, O., Jäger, S., Bergmann, M. M., Weikert, C., Schulze, M. B.: BMI and BMI change following incident type 2 diabetes and risk of microvascular and macrovascular complications: the EPIC-Potsdam study. under review (2020).

Birukov, A., Eichelmann, F., Kuxhaus, O.,Polemiti, E., Fritsche, A., Wirth, J., Boeing, H., Weikert, C., Schulze, M. B.: Opposing Associations of NT-proBNP With Risks of Diabetes and Diabetes-Related Complications. Diab. Ca. in press (E-pub ahead of print) (2020).

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Abar, L., Vieira, A. R., Aune, D., Sobiecki, J. G., Vingeliene, S., Polemiti, E., Stevens, C., Greenwood, D. C., Chan, D., Schlesinger, S., Norat, T.: Height and body fatness and colorectal cancer risk: an update of the WCRF-AICR systematic review of published prospective studies. Eur. J. Nutr. 57(5), 1701–1720 (2018). [Open Access]

Vingeliene, S., Chan, D., Vieira, A. R., Polemiti, E., Stevens, C., Abar, L., Navarro Rosenblatt, D., Greenwood, D. C., Norat, T.: An update of the WCRF/AICR systematic literature review and meta-analysis on dietary and anthropometric factors and esophageal cancer risk. Ann. Onc.: Offic. J. Eur. Soc. Med. Onc. 28(10), 2409-2419 (2017). [Open Access]

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Schlesinger, S., Chan, D., Vingeliene, S., Vieira, A. R., Abar, L., Polemiti, E., Stevens, C., Greenwood, D. C., Aune, D., Norat, T.: Carbohydrates, glycemic index, glycemic load, and breast cancer risk: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies. Nutr. Rev. 75(6), 420-441 (2017). [Open Access]