Research Topics

    • Mouse Genetics
    • Molecular Biology
    • Obesity
    • Metabolic Phenotyping
    • Food-Reward Behavior


    Key Publications

    Gässler, A., Quiclet, C., Kluth, O., Gottmann, P., Schwerbel, K., Helms, A., Stadion, M., Wilhelmi, I., Jonas, W., Ouni, M., Mayer, F., Spranger, J., Schürmann, A., Vogel, H.: Overexpression of Gjb4 impairs cell proliferation and insulin secretion in primary islet cells. Mol Met in press (E-pub ahead of print), (Brief Communication) (2020). [Open Access]

    Gottmann, P., Ouni, M., Sausenthaler, S., Roos, J., Stirm, L., Jähnert, M., Kamitz, A., Hallahan, N., Jonas, W., Fritsche, A., Häring, H.-U., Staiger, H., Blüher, M., Fischer-Posovszky, P., Vogel, H., Schürmann, A.: A computational biology approach of a genome-wide screen connected miRNAs to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Mol. Metab. 11, 145-159 (2018). 

    Vogel, H., Kamitz, A., Hallahan, N., Lebek, S., Schallschmidt, T., Jonas, W., Jähnert, M., Gottmann, P., Zellner, L., Kanzleiter, T., Damen, M., Altenhofen, D., Burkhardt, R., Renner, S., Dahlhoff, M., Wolf, E., Müller, T. D., Blüher, M., Joost, H.-G., Chadt, A., Al-Hasani, H., Schürmann, A.: A collective diabetes cross in combination with a computational framework to dissect the genetics of human obesity and type 2 diabetes. Hum. Mol. Genet. 27, 3099-3113 (2018). [Open Access]

    Vogel, H., Jähnert, M., Stadion, M., Matzke, D., Scherneck, S., Schürmann, A.: A vast genomic deletion in the C56BL/6 genome affects different genes within the Ifi200 cluster on chromosome 1 and mediates obesity and insulin resistance. BMC Genomics 18:172 (2017). [Open Access]

    Vogel, H., Wolf, S., Rabasa, C., Rodriguez-Pacheco, F., Babaei, C. S., Stöber, F., Goldschmidt, J., DiMarchi, R. D., Finan, B., Tschöp, M. H., Dickson, S. L., Schürmann, A., Skibicka, K. P.: GLP-1 and estrogen conjugate acts in the supramammillary nucleus to reduce food-reward and body weight. Neuropharmacology 110, 396-406 (2016). [Open Access]

    Vogel, H., Mirhashemi, F., Liehl, B., Taugner, F., Kluth, O., Kluge, R., Joost, H.-G., Schürmann, A.: Estrogen deficiency aggravates insulin resistance and induces β-cell loss and diabetes in female New Zealand obese mice. Horm. Metab. Res. 45, 430-435 (2013).

    Vogel, H., Montag, D., Kanzleiter, T., Jonas, W., Matzke, D., Scherneck, S., Chadt, A., Töle, J., Kluge, R., Joost, H.-G., Schürmann, A.: An interval of the obesity QTL Nob3.38 within a QTL hotspot on chromosome 1 modulates behavioral phenotypes. PLoS ONE 8(1):e53025 (2013). [Open Access]

    Vogel, H., Scherneck, S., Kanzleiter, T., Benz, V., Kluge, R., Stadion, M., Kryvych, S., Blüher, M., Klöting, N., Joost, H.-G., Schürmann, A.: Loss of function of lfi202b by a microdeletion on chromosome 1 of C57BL/6J mice suppresses 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 expression and development of obesity. Hum. Mol. Genet. 21, 3845-3857 (2012).

    Vogel, H., Nestler, M., Rüschendorf, F., Block, M.-D., Tischer, S., Kluge, R., Schürmann, A., Joost, H.-G., Scherneck, S.: Characterization of Nob3, a major quantitative trait locus for obesity and hyperglycemia on mouse chromosome 1. Physiol. Genomics 38, 226-232 (Open Access) (2009).

    Chadt, A., Leicht, K., Deshmukh, A., Jiang, L. Q., Scherneck, S., Bernhardt, U., Dreja, T., Vogel, H., Schmolz, K., Kluge, R., Zierath, J. R., Hultschig, C., Hoeben, R. C., Schürmann, A., Joost, H.-G., Al-Hasani, H.: Tbc1d1 mutation in lean mouse strain confers leanless and protects from diet-induced obesity. Nat. Genet. 40, 1354-1359 (2008).