Research Topics

  • Nutrient sensing
  • Lipid and protein metabolism
  • Diet-induced obesity
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)
  • Odd-chain fatty acids (OCFA)
  • Acetyl-CoA synthetases (Acss)

Selected Publications

Bishop, C. A., Machate, T., Henning, T., Henkel, J., Püschel, G., Weber, D., Grune, T., Klaus, S., Weitkunat, K.: Detrimental effects of branched-chain amino acids in glucose tolerance can be attributed to valine induced glucotoxicity in skeletal muscle. Nutr. Diabetes 12(1):20 (2022). [Open Access]

Bishop, C. A., Schulze, M. B., Klaus, S., Weitkunat, K.: The branched-chain amino acids valine and leucine have differential effects on hepatic lipid metabolism. Faseb J. 34(7), 9727-9739 (2020). [Open Access]

Yan, X., Wang, Z., Bishop, C. A., Weitkunat, K., Feng, X., Tarbier, M., Luo, J., Friedländer, M. R., Burkhardt, R., Klaus, S., Willnow, T. E., Poy, M. N.: Control of hepatic gluconeogenesis by Argonaute2. Mol. Metab. 18, 15-24 (2018). [Open Access]