Research Topics

  • Decision-making
  • Visual attention
  • Computational modelling of cognition and behaviour
  • Sustainability

Selected Publications

Molter, F., Mohr,. P. N. C.: Presentation duration but not duration affects binary risky choice. PsyArXiv (2021). [Preprint]

Molter, F., Thomas, A., Huettel, S. A., Heekeren, H. R., Mohr, P. N. C.: Gaze-dependent evidence accumulation predicts multi-alternative risky choice behaviour. PsyArXiv (2021). [Preprint]

Thomas, A., Molter, F., Krajbich, I.: Uncovering the computational mechanisms underlying many-alternative choice. eLife 10:e57012 (2021). [Open Access]

Molter, F.*, Thomas, A.*, Heekeren, H. R., Mohr, P. N. C.: GLAMbox: A Python toolbox for investigating the association between gaze allocation and decision behaviour. PLoS One 14(12):e0226428 (2019). [Open Access]

Thomas, A.*, Molter, F.*, Krajbich, I., Heekeren, H. R., Mohr, P. N. C.: Gaze bias differences capture individual choice behaviour. Nat. Hum. Behav. 3(6), 625-635 (2019).

Belluci, G., Molter, F., Park, S. Q: Neural representations of honesty predict future trust behavior. Nat. Comm. 10:5184 (2019). [Open Access]

*shared first authorship with equal contribution