Research Topics

  • Executive Functions
  • Working Memory
  • Inhibition
  • Consciousness
  • Implicit preferences
  • Decision-Making
  • Suggestions
  • Learning
  • Conditioning
  • Placebo and Nocebo
  • Hypnosis

Selcected publications

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Zahedi, A., Luczak, A., Sommer, W.: Modification of food preferences by posthypnotic suggestions: An event-related brain potential study. Appetite, 151, 104713 (2020).

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Zahedi, A., Stuermer, B., Hatami, J., Rostami, R., Sommer, W.: Eliminating stroop effects with post-hypnotic instructions: Brain mechanisms inferred from EEG. Neuropsychologia, 96, 70-77 (2017).