Research Topics

  • Melanocortin system
  • Maternal malnutrition
  • Brain function
  • Behavior

Selected Publications

Baidoe-Ansah, D., Sakib, S., Jia, S., Mirzapourdelavar, H., Strackeljan, L., Fischer, A., Aleshin, S., Kaushik, R., Dityatev A.: Aging-Associated Changes in Cognition, Expression and Epigenetic Regulation of Chondroitin 6-Sulfotransferase Chst3. Cells 11(13):2033 (2022). [Open Access] 

Strackeljan, L., Baczynska, E., Cangalaya, C., Baidoe-Ansah, D., Wlodarczyk, J., Kaushik, R., Dityatev, A.: Microglia Depletion-Induced Remodeling of Extracellular Matrix and Excitatory Synapses in the Hippocampus of Adult Mice. Cells 10(8):1862 (2021). [Open Access]

Stoyanov, S., Sun, W., Düsedau, H. P., Choi, I., Cangalaya, C., Mirzapourdelavar, H., Baidoe-Ansah, D., Kaushik, R., Neumann, J. Dunay, I. R., Dityatev, A.: Attenuation of the extracellular matrix restores microglial activity during the early stage of amyloidosis. Glia 69(1), 182-200 (2021). [Open Access]