Research Topics

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Nutrition
  • Inflammation
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Oxylipins
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Aging

Selected Publications

Schebb, N. H., Kühn, H., Kahnt, A. S., Rund, K. M., O''Donnell, V. B., Flamand, N., Peters-Golden, M., Jakobsson, P. J., Weylandt, K. H., Rohwer, N., Murphy, R. C., Geisslinger, G., FitzGerald, G. A., Hanson, J., Dahlgren, C., Alnouri, M. W., Offermanns, S., Steinhilber, D.: Formation, Signaling and Occurrence of Specialized Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators-What is the Evidence so far? Front. Pharmacol. 13, 838782 (2022). [Open Access]

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Rohwer, N., Chiu, C. Y., Huang, D., Smyl, C., Rothe, M., Rund, K. M., Helge Schebb, N., Kühn, H., Weylandt, K. H.: Omega-3 fatty acids protect from colitis via an Alox15-derived eicosanoid. Faseb J. 35(4):e21491 (2021). [Open Access]

Rohwer, N., Kuhl, A. A., Ostermann, A. I., Hartung, N. M., Schebb, N. H., Zopf, D., McDonald, F. M., Weylandt, K. H.: Effects of chronic low-dose aspirin treatment on tumor prevention in three mouse models of intestinal tumorigenesis. Can. Med. 9(7), 2535-2550 (2020). [Open Access]

Rohwer, N., Jumpertz, S., Erdem, M., Egners, A., Warzecha, K.T., Fragoulis, A., Kühl, A.A., Kramann, R., Neuss, S., Rudolph, I., Endermann, T., Zasada, C., Apostolova, I., Gerling, M., Kempa, S., Hughe,s R., Lewis, C.E., Brenner, W., Malinowski, M.B., Stockmann, M., Schomburg, L., Faller, W., Sansom, O.J., Tacke, F., Morkel, M., Cramer, T.: Non-canonical HIF-1 stabilization contributes to intestinal tumorigenesis. Oncogene 38(28):5670-5685 (2019). [Open Access]

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Rohwer, N., Bindel, F., Grimm, C., Lin, S.J., Wappler, J., Klinger, B., Blüthgen, N., Du Bois, I., Schmeck, B., Lehrach, H., de Graauw, M., Goncalves, E., Saez-Rodriguez, J., Tan, P., Grabsch, H.I., Prigione, A., Kempa, S., Cramer, T.: Annexin A1 sustains tumor metabolism and cellular proliferation upon stable loss of HIF1A. Oncotarget 7(6):6693-710 (2016). [Open Access]

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