Profile of the Department

Our department investigates the influence of diet and other lifestyle factors on the development of cardiometabolic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes and its complications. We have three main goals:

  • Identification of risk profiles and potential pathomechanisms by examining complex biomarker profiles as mediators of nutrition
  • Identification of phenotypic and genotypic subgroups with different risks or different effects of nutritional exposure
  • Development and improvement of prediction models for personalized prevention

With this in mind, we examine nutritional patterns, individual foods and nutrients, and use biomarkers as an alternative for determining nutritional exposures. We use epidemiological studies as the basis for our research, in particular the prospective EPIC-Potsdam study and its further developments (EPIC-DZD, NutriAct family study), the EPIC consortium and the NAKO Health Study.