Laboratory Animal Facility

The Max-Rubner-Laboratory (MRL) is the central experimental animal facility of the DIfE. The main task of the MRL is to enable research on the causes and control of nutrition-related diseases using suitable animal models while maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards. For this purpose, special mouse and rat strains are bred that reflect diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. The animal husbandry systems and measuring devices within the MRL meet the latest hygienic and technical standards. A qualified team of animal keepers and two veterinarians take care of the daily control and well-being of the laboratory animals.

The animal welfare officers advise researchers on the application for their research projects, thereby considering the implementation of the so called 3R principle. Thus, the aim is to replace animal experiments with alternative methods (Replace), to keep the number of animals as low as possible (Reduce) and to reduce the severity of the experiments to an indispensable level (Refine). The animal welfare officers also ensure compliance with the animal welfare legislation.