Short Description

With its spatial and technical equipment, the Human Study Center offers ideal conditions for conducting epidemiological and experimental studies. The main areas of work range from methodological-scientific consulting and support to the organizational implementation of human studies and the operation of a biobank.

Our team supports researchers with its expertise and advises on procedures and methods, on the management of work processes, subjects, data and samples. It assists in the creation of the study design and in the preparation of applications.

Within the Human Study Center, our study secretariat coordinates all scientific projects taking place at DIfE as well as cooperative projects with external partners.

The Human Study Center has been located in the new Gerty Cori House since the end of 2021. In addition to a comfortable examination area on the first floor, where several studies can run in parallel, the modern research building also offers modern laboratories with attached cryostorage. Here, samples can be stored for long periods at minus 20, 80 or 196 degrees Celsius in deep freezers or liquid nitrogen. In the biobank area, there is a fully automated tank that can handle both sample storage and sample removal "overnight". The second floor houses the restricted-access trust center and a data center. The Human Study Center thus ensures high ethical standards and guarantees that the personal data of those participating in studies are optimally protected.