Research Topics

  • Metabolism
  • Physiology
  • Mitochondrial Stress
  • Interorgan Communication
  • Energy Balance
  • Cytokine Action

Selected Publications

Gil, C. I., Coull, B. M., Jonas, W., Lippert, R., Ost, M., Klaus, S.: Mitochondrial stress-induced GDF15-GFRAL axis promotes anxiety-like behavior and CRH-dependent anorexia. Life Science Alliance 5(11):e202201495 (2022). [Open Access]

Ost, M., Igual Gil, C., Coleman, V., Keipert, S., Efstathiou, S., Vidic, V., Weyers, M., Klaus, S.: Muscle-derived GDF15 drives diurnal anorexia and systemic metabolic remodeling during mitochondrial stress. EMBO Rep 21(3): e48804 (2020). [Open Access]

Gil, C. I., Ost, M., Kasch, J., Schumann, S., Heider, S., Klaus, S.: Role of GDF15 in active lifestyle induced metabolic adaptations and acute exercise response in mice. Sci Rep 9, 20120 (2019). [Open Access]