Research Topics

  • Regulation of insulin secretion
  • Islet cell biology
  • Pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes

Selected Publications

Sabatini, P. V., Speckmann, T., Lynn, F. C.: Friend and foe: β-cell Ca2+ signaling and the development of diabetes. Mol. Metab. 21, 1-12 (2019). [Open Access]

Sabatini, P. V., Speckmann, T., Nian, C., Glavas, M. M., Wong, C. K., Yoon, J. S., Kin, T., Shapiro, A. M. J., Gibson, W. T., Verchere, C. B., Lynn, F. C. : Neuronal PAS Domain Protein 4 Suppression of Oxygen Sensing Optimizes Metabolism during Excitation of Neuroendocrine Cells. Cell Rep. 22(1), 163-174 (2018). [Open Access]

Xu, E. E., Sasaki, S., Speckmann, T., Nian, C., Lynn, F. C.: SOX4 Allows Facultative β-Cell Proliferation Through Repression of Cdkn1a. Diabetes 66(8), 2213-2219 (2017). [Open Access]

Speckmann, T., Sabatini, P.V., Nian, C., Smith, R.G., Lynn, F.C.: Npas4 Transcription Factor Expression Is Regulated by Calcium Signaling Pathways and Prevents Tacrolimus-induced Cytotoxicity in Pancreatic Beta Cells. J. Biol. Chem. 291(6), 2682-2695 (2016). [Open Access]