Joint Lab PRECEDE – Prävention chronisch-entzündlicher Darmerkrankungen durch Ernährung

The Joint Lab PRECEDE investigates the influence of diet on the prevention and improvement of disease progression of inflammatory and proliferative bowel diseases. The scientific interest of the partners of the Joint Lab lies in particular in researching the significance of diets with increased and/or specific fat contents, polyunsaturated fatty acids and derived lipid metabolites. Based on different mouse models and cell culture systems, the aim of the Joint Lab is to characterize possible pro- as well as anti-proliferative/inflammatory effects and also the influence on cell aging of diets with different fat compositions as well as the individual fatty acids and metabolites and to verify these observations in patients with inflammatory and proliferative bowel diseases. Within the framework of a DFG-funded research project, the two partners are currently investigating the preventive as well as therapeutic effects of a ketogenic diet and ketone bodies in experimental colitis models.

The founding partner of the Joint Lab PRECEDE, in addition to the DIfE, is the Medical Clinic B / Focus Gastroenterology of the Brandenburg Theodor Fontane Medical School (MHB).