The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study is a European collaborative project of prospective cohort studies in ten European countries with a total of around 521,000 study participants. There are two study centres in Germany: the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) supervises the EPIC-Heidelberg cohort and the DIfE is participating in the cohort with the EPIC-Potsdam Study.

It is one of the largest cohort studies in the world. EPIC was developed to examine the relationships between diet, nutritional status, lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as the incidence of cancer and other chronic diseases lilke type 2 diabetes. EPIC researchers are active in all areas of epidemiology. Important contributions to nutritional epidemiology were made with the help of biomarker analyses and questionnaire information as well as genetic analyses and lifestyle studies. The EPIC consortium is headed by a steering committee that consists of the leading scientists from the individual study centers. Prof. Matthias Schulze is a member of the DIfE Steering Committee.

His department focuses on clarifying questions regarding the development of type 2 diabetes (EPIC Working Group EPIC-InterAct) and cardiovascular diseases (EPIC Working Group EPIC-CVD).