Research Topics

My responsibility at the ADE is to organize and coordinate an epidemiological study. In this, the state of bone health will be defined by clinically relevant biomarkers in diabetes subtypes. This research will enable to understand the impact of metabolic disorders on bone turnover and adipocyte enrichment in the bone marrow cavity.

Selected Publications

Biferali, B., Bianconi, V., Perez, D. F., Kronawitter, S. P., Marullo, F., Maggio, R., Santini, T., Polverino, F., Biagioni, S., Summa, V., Toniatti, C., Pasini, D., Stricker, S., Fabio, R. D., Chiacchiera, F., Peruzzi, G. & Mozzetta, C.: Prdm16-mediated H3K9 methylation controls fibro-adipogenic progenitors identity during skeletal muscle repair. Science Advances, 7 (23), (2021)

Ollitrault D., Buffa V., Correra R., Sayed A., Hoareau B., Pöhle-Kronawitter S., Stricker S., Hulot J., Valente M., Marazzi G., Sassoon D.: Fibroadipogenic Progenitors contribute to microvascular repair during skeletal muscle regeneration. Cell Reports (2021) [Preprint]

Stumm, J., Garcia, P. V., vom Hofe-Schneider, S., Ollitrault, D., Schrewe, H., Economides, A.N., Marazzi, G., Sassoon, D.A., Stricker, S.: Odd skipped-related 1 (Osr1) identifies muscle-interstitial fibro-adipogenic progenitors (FAPs) activated by acute injury. Stem Cell Research, 32, 8-16, (2018)  

García, P.V., Orgeur, M., vom Hofe-Schneider, S., Stumm, J., Kappert, V., Ibrahim, D.M., Börno, S.T., Hayashi, S., Relaix, F., Hildebrandt, K., Sengle, G., Koch, M., Timmermann, B., Marazzi, G., Sassoon, D.A., Duprez, D. & Stricker, S.: Odd skipped-related 1 identifies a population of embryonic fibro-adipogenic progenitors regulating myogenesis during limb development. NatCommun 8, 1218, (2017)

Schulz, T.J., Graja, A., Huang, T.L., Xue, R., An, D., Poehle-Kronawitter, S., Lynes, M.D., Tolkachov, A., O'Sullivan, L.E., Hirshman, M.F., Schupp, M., Goodyear, L.J., Mishina, Y., Tseng, Y.H.: Loss of BMP receptor type 1A in murine adipose tissue attenuates age-related onset of insulin resistance. Diabetologia, 59, 1769–1777, (2016)