Research Topics

  • Aging
  • Nutrition
  • Stem cells
  • Bone marrow fat
  • Epigenetics
  • Metabolic disorders, obesity, & diabetes

Selected Publications

Fanni, G., Katsogiannos, P., Nandi Jui, B., Sundbom, M., Hetty, S., Pereira, M. J., & Eriksson, J. W.: Response of multiple hormones to glucose and arginine challenge in T2DM after gastric bypass. Endocrine Connections 22-0172 (2022). [Open Access]

Sarsenbayeva, A., Pereira, M.J., Nandi Jui, B., Ahmed, F., Dipta, P., Fanni, G., Almby, K., Kristófi, R., Hetty, S., Eriksson, J. W.: Excess glucocorticoid exposure contributes to adipose tissue fibrosis which involves macrophage interaction with adipose precursor cells. Biochem Pharmacol 198:114976 (2022). [Open Access]

Nandi Jui, B., Sarsenbayeva, A., Jernow, H., Hetty, S., Pereira, M.J.: Evaluation of RNA Isolation Methods in Human Adipose Tissue. Lab Med/Imab 126 (2022).

Sarsenbayeva, A.; Nandi Jui, B.; Fanni, G.; Barbosa, P.; Ahmed, F.; Kristófi, R.; Cen, J.; Chowdhury, A.; Skrtic, S.; Bergsten, P.; Fall, T.; Eriksson, J.W.; Pereira, M.J.: Impaired HMG-CoA Reductase Activity Caused by Genetic Variants or Statin Exposure: Impact on Human Adipose Tissue, β-Cells and Metabolome. Metabolites 11,574 (2021) [Open Access].