Carol Coricelli receives Giancarlo Dosi National Prize for Science Communication

At the end of a large meal there is always space for dessert? The fascinating relationship between brain and food decision is rather complex. DIfE-scientist Carol Coricelli is investigating the neural bases of food perception and thought it is time to publish a book that covers questions such as: "Why do we eat more Fish and Chips if the Beatles are playing?", "Why we prefer a salad presented as a painting of Kandinskij?" or "Why do we consume more wine from a bottle we are told it costs 45 dollars compared to the same wine but presented in a 5 dollars bottle?"

Prof. Maria D'Ambrosio (links) und Carol Coricelli (rechts), die den Preis in den Händen hält.

Prof. Maria D'Ambrosio (left) handed the prize to Carol Coricelli. (Photo: private)

Foto vom Buchcover "Guida per Cervelli affamati"
In 2021 Carol Coricelli and Sofia Erica Rossi published their book "Guida per Cervelli affamati" (Guide for hungry brains). Photo: private

Back in 2020 during the first lockdown when the meaning of food became even more important, neuroscientist Carol Coricelli and science communicator Sofia Erica Rossi decided to prepare the book “Guida per Cervelli affamati” (engl. “Guide for hungry brains”). Instead of writing just another book about food and diets, Coricelli and Rossi make a culinary journey through ancient menus, space food and future foods such as edible insects. In addition, the book explains how we became the only species that prepare their food.

In late 2022 the Italian National Research Council awarded the Giancarlo Dosi National Prize for Science Communication to the authors in Rome.

Fortunately, they plan to have the book translated into different languages so more people can enjoy the unique publication.

Background information

Dr. Carol Coricelli joined the Department of Neuroscience of Decision and Nutrition at DIfE in November 2022 and studies the neural basis of food intake. Her current research projects include eating habits learned through reward and whether the micronutrient composition of foods influences food choice in humans. Furthermore, she studies cognitive processes underlying food decisions, with particular attention to perceptual, evolutionary, and social aspects.

The Giancarlo Dosi National Prize for Science Communication is awarded to Italian and international researchers, teachers and journalists who have published a book in the field of science communication in Italian. The prize, which is sponsored by the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), aims in particular to strengthen the non-fiction sector in Italy and to promote young people's interest in scientific knowledge.


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