Dr. Birgit Schröder-Smeibidl is the Administrative Director of the DIfE. She is responsible for all administration and infrastructure matters as well as for the budget of the institute. Since November 2019 she has been spokesperson of the Administrative Committee and member of the Presidium of the Leibniz Association.

Birgit Schröder-Smeibidl places a special focus on the further development of the Potsdam-Rehbrücke research campus. For the realization of the current new building project and the future renovation of the existing building complex, she brings a lot of expertise from her previous professional stations. For example, she was head of the Facility Management department at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) for several years and acted as representative of the client. Under her leadership and coordination, numerous construction projects were successfully implemented.

With her many years of experience, she contributes significantly to the modernization of the DIfE in the administrative and infrastructural area. Since taking office in 2016, she has already achieved numerous important milestones, including the introduction of a cost controlling and accounting system for the management of the Max Rubner Laboratory and a new web-based ERP system.

"Excellent science needs the support of a professionally organized administration and an efficiently functioning infrastructure", Schröder-Smeibidl said after her election as spokeswoman of the Leibniz Association's Administrative Committee. Before moving to the administration department, the doctor of physics worked as a scientist herself for many years.

Key Publications

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