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Data Protection Statement

Your personal data protection is our concern

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and would like to thank you for your interest in our organization and our site. Protection of your privacy when using our website is important to us. Please note the following information in this regard:

Personal data

Personal data include information on your identity, for example, your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. You are not required to reveal personal data to use our website.

Non-personal data that is automatically recorded

You can visit the DIfE website without telling us who you are. All we find out is the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you are visiting us, and the pages of our website that you view. This information is analyzed for statistical purposes in order to further optimize our internet presence. You, the individual user, remain anonymous.

Changes in our data protection policy

We reserve the right to change our data protection practices wherever necessary as the result of technical developments. In such cases we will change our information on data protection accordingly. Therefore, please take note of the current version of our data protection measures.


If you use any external links offered on our website, our data protection statement does not apply to these links. We have no influence on the compliance of other providers with data protection provisions. Please refer to the data protection statement also provided by other providers.

Use of YouTube-Plugins (Videos)

On our website, plugins of the video portal YouTube are used, which (represented by Google Inc.) are operated by YouTube, LLC, Cherry Ave., USA. When you access our websites with such plugins, you will be connected with the YouTube server and the plugin will be shown on the website via a message to your browser. Thus, the YouTube server will be informed which of our websites you have visited. If you have logged in as a member of YouTube, YouTube can connect this information with your personal user accounts. We wish to point out that we, via our websites, receive no information from the plugins or platforms on their collection and processing of data. For further information see the Google data privacy policy:

Further information and contacts

If you have any further questions on data protection at DIfE, please contact our data protection supervisor, Dagmar Kollhof (phone: +49 (0) 33200 88-2229 or e-mail:

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