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Status: 09.07.2020 19:24:51

Pulses have a great potential to meet the protein requirements of the future in a health-promoting and climate-friendly way. (Photo: Shelly Pauls / Unsplash)

Protein supply of the future - healthy and climate-friendly

Local Legumes, sustainably cultured fish, and edible insects offer a great potential for meeting future needs of sufficient dietary protein supply in a health-promoting and simultaneously climate-friendly way. Thus, increasing meat consumption, associated disease risks as well as environmental damage could be reduced. However, valuable protein alternatives have not yet been fully exploited and political support remains insufficient. The DIfE and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, together with other member institutes of the Leibniz Research Alliance ’Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition’, now published a position paper on how to deal with the growing protein demand of the world population.

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Coronavirus: Current information

As of: 9 July 2020

The current low infection rate in Brandenburg as well as the decided easing allow the DIfE to return immediately to a secure normal operation. Due to the pandemic, strict safety measures continue to apply.

Please take note of the following guidelines:

For external canteen guests:
The DIfE canteen is now open to external guests from 12:45 pm to 2 pm on Mon-Fri. Please adhere to the hygiene rules.

For study participants:
Human studies are carried out again in compliance with appropriate protective measures.

Test persons will be contacted in good time by the respective study managers.

The resumption of the work of the “NAKO-Studienzentrum" in Berlin Steglitz will take place in coordination with and according to the guidelines of the NAKO e. V.

For those interested in visitor workshops:
Workshops will not take place until further notice. Interested parties can contact the colleagues in the press and public relations department at or Tel: +49 (0)33200 88-2335 but you are welcome to leave your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as an appointment can be made again.

Many thanks for your understanding and keep well!

Prof. Tilman Grune & Dr. Birgit Schröder-Smeibidl
(DIfE Board)

German Institute of Human Nutrition

The mission of the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke (DIfE) is to conduct experimental and clinical research in the field of nutrition and health. Scientists at the DIfE pursue these scientific goals by interdisciplinary cooperation comprising a broad spectrum of experimental, medical and epidemiological methods.

Therefore the researchers focus on three areas:

The aim is to understand the molecular basis of nutrition-dependent diseases, and to develop new strategies for prevention, treatment, and nutritional recommendations.

DIfE is an independent foundation and member of the Leibniz Association, an alliance of scientific institutions.

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