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Head of Animal Facility:
Dr. Anja Voigt

Vice Head:
Dr. Christine Krüger

Veterinary Head and Animal Welfare Officer:
Dr. Christine Krüger


Regine Schindler
phone: 033200 88-2311/-2633

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Main entrance, Max Rubner Laboratory  (© DIfE)

Max Rubner Laboratory (MRL)

At the Max Rubner Laboratory (MRL), DIfE’s central animal housing facility, special strains of mice and rats are established and characterized for investigating the molecular and metabolic bases of nutrition-related diseases. The aim of all these studies is to provide a scientific basis for developing new approaches to prevention and treatment of diseases related to nutrition and for making dietary recommendations.

The MRL has space for modern animal housing and functional rooms. The complex technical facilities enable the maintenance of high hygienic standards and of the requirements for keeping germ-free animals. Researchers use sensitive instruments for highly standardized measurements of the basal metabolic rate or body composition, for example.

The MRL animal welfare officer advises researchers on aspects of animal welfare laws, paperwork, and experimental procedures, ever mindful of the 3R concept (Replace, Reduce, Refine). Caretakers and technicians also provide practical support. Junior scientists are trained in special certified courses and scientists experienced in animal experiments regularly participate in further training measures. MRL also offers apprenticeships for animal caretakers and biological lab technicians.

The structural and technical prerequisites of MRL, along with the close cooperation of scientists and animal-research personnel, allow implementation of the following techniques for investigating DIfE research issues.

Special techniques at MRL:

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