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Department of Physiology of Energy Metabolism (EST)


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Department of Physiology of Energy Metabolism

Original Papers

Fernando, R., Drescher, C., Deubel, S., Jung, T., Ost, M., Klaus, S., Grune, T., Castro, J. P.: Low proteasomal activity in fast skeletal muscle fibers is not associated with increased age-related oxidative damage. Exp. Gerontol. in press (E-pub ahead of print) (2019).

Franz, K., Ost, M., Otten, L., Herpich, C., Coleman, V., Endres, A.-S., Klaus, S., Müller-Werdan, U., Norman, K.: Higher serum levels of fibroblast growth factor 21 in old patients with cachexia. Nutrition. in press (E-pub ahead of print) (2019).

Coleman, V., Sa-Nguanmoo, P., Koenig, J., Schulz, T. J., Grune, T., Klaus, S., Kipp, A. P., Ost, M.: Partial involvement of Nrf2 in skeletal muscle mitohormesis as an adaptive response to mitochondrial uncoupling. Sci. Rep. 8:2446 (Open Access) (2018).

Kasch, J., Kanzleiter, I., Saussenthaler, S., Schürmann, A., Keijer, J., van Schothorst, E., Klaus, S., Schumann, S.: Insulin sensitivity linked skeletal muscle Nr4a1 DNA methylation is programmed by the maternal diet and modulated by voluntary exercise in mice. J. Nutr. Biochem. 57, 86-92 (2018).

Kessler, K., Hornemann, S., Petzke, K. J., Kemper, M., Markova, M., Rudovich, N., Grune, T., Kramer, A., Pfeiffer, A. F. H., Pivovarova-Ramich, O.: Diurnal distribution of carbohydrates and fat affects substrate oxidation and adipokine secretion in humans. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 108, 1209-1219 (2018).

Endo, T., Ogasawara, H., Hayasaka, M., Hotta, Y., Kimura, O., Petzke, K. J.: Correlations between mercury concentration, and stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen of amino acids in scalp hair from whale meat eaters and heavy fish eaters. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 31, 745-752 (2017).

Fuller, B. T., Petzke, K. J.: The dietary protein paradox and threonine 15 N-depletion: Pyridoxal-5’-phosphate enzyme activity as a mechanism for the δ15 N trophic level effect. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 31, 705-718 (2017).

Kasch, J., Schumann, S., Schreiber, S., Klaus, S., Kanzleiter, I.: Beneficial effects of exercise on offspring obesity and insulin resistance are reduced by maternal high-fat diet. PLoS ONE 12(2):e0173076, Correction: PLOS ONE 12(3): e0175100 (Open Access) (2017).

Kessler, K., Hornemann, S., Petzke, K. J., Kemper, M., Kramer, A., Pfeiffer, A. F. H., Pivovarova, O., Rudovich, N.: The effect of diurnal distribution of carbohydrates and fat on glycaemic control in humans: a randomized controlled trial. Sci. Rep. 7: 44170 (Open Access) (2017).

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Weitkunat, K., Schumann, S., Nickel, D., Hornemann, S., Petzke, K. J., Schulze, M. B., Pfeiffer, A. F. H., Klaus, S.: Odd-chain fatty acids as a biomarker for dietary fiber intake: a novel pathway for endogenous production from propionate. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 105, 1544-1551 (2017).

Weitkunat, K., Stuhlmann, C., Postel, A., Rumberger, S., Fankhänel, M., Woting, A., Petzke, K. J., Gohlke, S., Schulz, T. J., Blaut, M., Klaus, S., Schumann, S.: Short-chain fatty acids and inulin, but not guar gum, prevent diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance through differential mechanisms in mice. Sci. Rep. 7: 6109 (Open Access) (2017).

Ost, M., Coleman, V., Voigt, A., van Schothorst, E. M., Keipert, S., van der Stelt, I., Ringel, S., Graja, A., Ambrosi, T., Kipp, A. P., Jastroch, M., Schulz, T. J., Keijer, J., Klaus, S.: Muscle mitochondrial stress adaptation operates independently of endogenous FGF21 action. Mol. Metab. 5, 79-90 (Open Access) (2016).

Weitkunat, K., Schumann, S., Nickel, D., Kappo, K. A., Petzke, K. J., Kipp, A. P., Blaut, M., Klaus, S.: Importance of propionate for the repression of hepatic lipogenesis and improvement of insulin sensitivity in high-fat diet-induced obesity. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 60, 2611-2621 (Open Access) (2016).

Ost, M., Keipert, S., van Schothorst, E. M., Donner, V., van der Stelt, I., Kipp, A. P., Petzke, K. J., Jove, M., Pamplona, R., Portero-Otin, M., Keijer, J., Klaus, S.: Muscle mitohormesis promotes cellular survival via serine/glycine pathway flux. FASEB J. 29, 1314-1328 (Open Access) (2015).

Voigt, A., Katterle, Y., Kahle, M., Kluge, R., Schürmann, A., Joost, H. G., Klaus, S.: Skeletal muscle mitochondrial uncoupling prevents diabetes but not obesity in NZO mice, a model for polygenic diabesity. Genes Nutr. 10(6):57 (Open Access) (2015).

Voigt, A., Ribot, J., Sabater, A. G., Palou, A., Bonet, M. L., Klaus, S.: Identification of Mest/Peg1 gene expression as a predictive biomarker of adipose tissue expansion sensitive to dietary anti-obesity interventions. Genes Nutr. 10(5):477 (Open Access) (2015).

Weitkunat, K., Schumann, S., Petzke, K. J., Blaut, M., Loh, G., Klaus, S.: Effects of dietary inulin on bacterial growth, short-chain fatty acid production and hepatic lipid metabolism in gnotobiotic mice. J. Nutr. Biochem. 26, 929-937 (2015).

Woting, A., Pfeiffer, N., Hanske, L., Loh, G., Klaus, S., Blaut, M.: Alleviation of high fat diet-induced obesity by oligofructose in gnotobiotic mice is independent of presence of Bifidobacterium longum. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 59, 2267-2278 (Open Access) (2015).

Keipert, S., Ost, M., Johann, K., Imber, F., Jastroch, M., van Schothorst, E. M., Keijer, J., Klaus, S.: Skeletal muscle mitochondrial uncoupling drives endocrine cross-talk through induction of FGF21 as a myokine. Am. J. Physiol./Endocrinol. Metab. 306, E469-E482 (2014).

Ost, M., Werner, F., Dokas, J., Klaus, S., Voigt, A.: Activation of AMPKα2 is not crucial for mitochondrial uncoupling-induced metabolic effects but required to maintain skeletal muscle integrity. PLoS ONE 9(4):e94689 (Open Access) (2014).

Petzke, K. J., Freudenberg, A., Klaus, S.: Beyond the role of dietary protein and amino acids in the prevention of diet-induced obesity. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 15, 1374-1391 (Open Access) (2014).

Walter, I., Klaus, S.: Maternal high-fat diet consumption impairs exercise performance in offspring. J. Nutr. Sci. 3: e61 (Open Access) (2014).

Woting, A., Pfeiffer, N., Loh, G., Klaus, S., Blaut, M.: Clostridium ramosum promotes high-fat diet-induced obesity in gnotobiotic mouse models. mBio 5(5):e01530-14 (Open Access) (2014).

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