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Image Molecular Genetics

Department of Molecular Genetics (MOGE)



Unhealthy nutrition, despite expert recommendations to the contrary, is a widespread phenomenon that negatively impacts our well-being and increases our disease risk. A detailed understanding of the biological foundations of food preferences and principals of ingestion could aid the development of concepts for nutritional counseling accepted by the public and effectively promote healthy consumption. The Department of Molecular Genetics therefore aims to elucidate the principles of the sense of taste as a decisive parameter in intake behavior. To this end the department investigates the structure, the oral and extraoral functions as well as the regulation of taste receptors, and identifies novel taste modulators. Moreover, researchers of the department employ special mouse models to understand transfer of gustatory information from the mouth to the brain and processing of taste in the context of ingestive behavior. In addition, the department focuses on genetically determined variability in taste perception of humans and its potential implications for the formation of food preferences and aversions.

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