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Fig. 1 Metabolic examination (© Jan Zappner/Leibniz-Gemeinschaft) ... more

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Department of Clinical Nutrition (KLE)



We investigate the causes of metabolic diseases and their consequences, for example obesity, diabetes mellitus, or atherosclerosis. Our studies characterize the metabolic state of participants and their reactions to changes in nutrition (Fig. 1). Innovative technologies allow us to assess changes in hepatic and abdominal fat deposits, hormones, gene expression, lipid metabolism, metabolites, and inflammatory and epigenetic states. These generate huge amounts of data that require bioinformatic processing. Our goal is a detailed understanding of individual differences that increase the risks of metabolic diseases. We attempt to define personalized nutritional concepts for prevention of metabolic diseases. Cooperation with other centers within the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) allows the use of larger databases and additional testing of translational approaches from bench to bedside.

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