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Senior Scientist Group Nutrition, Immunity and Metabolism (EIM)



Our work encompasses epidemiological research projects within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) in the following areas:

1. Investigating novel immune-related and metabolic biomarkers associated with aging and cancer.

These include:

2. Characterization of dietary and lifestyle determinants of immune-related and metabolic biomarkers and evaluation of the complex interactions of these factors. This entails the use of statistical modeling to integrate and explore the relationships between nutritional status and biomarkers.

3. Exploration of the mechanisms that underpin links between diet, nutrition, body composition, and onset of cancer. Statistical techniques like mediation analysis will aid in investigating the mode of action of adiposity, weight change and specific dietary factors in relation to the risk of cancer.

4. Development and evaluation of innovative risk prediction instruments for identification of high-risk individuals.

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