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Status: 09.07.2020 20:02:46

Senior Scientist Group Nutrition, Immunity and Metabolism (EIM)



Our work encompasses a spectrum of epidemiological analyses – from causal inference to risk prediction modeling – using data infrastructure of larger prospective cohorts, as well as employing evidence-based assessment of published epidemiological research. We are currently conducting a number of analyses to evaluate a range of novel inflammatory biomarkers (cytokines, adipokines, chemokines and growth factors) in relation to age-related pathologies (cardio-vascular diseases, colorectal cancer, functional decline/frailty) and overall mortality. We are further interested to explore interactions between biomarkers of oxidative stress, immunity and metabolic dysfunction as predisposing factors in the development of age-related disorders. We further plan to explore applications of different bioinformatic approaches for epidemiological data modeling aimed to develop risk prediction models for healthy ageing. To explore the role of lifestyle changes on pro-inflammatory environment in healthy ageing, we work on the assessment of comprehensive anti-inflammatory nutrition strategies in adult and elderly populations.

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