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Abb. 1 Effect of plant-based diets on inflammatory profiles

Abb. 1 Pooled estimates for differences in biomarker concentrations after intervention with ... mehr

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Senior Scientist Group Ernährung, Immunität und Metabolismus (EIM)

Projekt 1 : Effect of plant-based diets on inflammatory profiles

The co-occurrence of chronic inflammation and immune senescence in obesity predisposes to a spectrum of age-related disorders. Lifestyle changes aiming to attenuate the inflammatory state may therefore provide a valid means to healthy aging. We evaluated the effect of plant-based diets on biomarkers representative of chronic inflammatory response by conducting a systematic review and a meta-analysis of published intervention trials. Of 2,583 initially identified studies, 29 met the stringent eligibility criteria for inclusion in the meta-analysis.

Based on these data, we observed that plant-based dietary interventions, such as the Mediterranean diet, effectively reduced inflammation,based on measurements of selected biomarkers (C-reactive protein, interleukin-6 and soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1; Fig. 1).

Observed anti-inflammatory effects were independent of overall weight loss in study participants, highlighting complex plant-based dietary approaches as an effective strategy for inflammation control. The study provides an
important insight into the management and prevention of inflammation-associated diseases coinciding with impaired metabolism and aging in human subjects.

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