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Abteilung Molekulare Epidemiologie (MEP)

Projekt 1 : Fatty acids and risk of type 2 diabetes

We have previously investigated the role of fatty acids in type 2 diabetes incidence by using biomarkers and genetic analyses in the Potsdam EPIC Study and have observed strong direct associations of membrane concentrations of gamma-linolenic acid, dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid, and palmitoleic acid with risk. Within the last two years, we have attempted to elucidate biological mechanisms of these associations in more detail. Here we observed that the physico-chemical characteristics of cell membranes are related to diabetes risk: high proportions of saturated fatty acids, which make cell membranes less flexible, were related to higher risk.

Furthermore, established blood lipid markers of diabetes and cardiovascular risk (triglycerides, LDL-cholesterol) are closely related to the fatty acid profile.

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