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Legend for status
AGLHead of Research Group
ALHead of Department
Ass. AVAssistant to the Administrative Director
Ass. WVAssistant to the Scientific Director
AVAdministrative Director
B. Sc.Bachelor Student
DokPhD Student
Kont.Contact Man
m. DokM. D. Student
M. Sc.Master Student
MA ITStaff Information Technology
MA PR/ÖAStaff Press Office
NWGLHead of Junior Research Group
NWKNetwork Coordinator
REFExecutive Officer
RLHead of Division
SHKStudent Assistant
Start-up-Lab-LeiterStart-up Lab Leader
StipScholarship Holder
TeamleiterTeam leader
TeMiLaboratory Assistant
VerwAOffice Worker
WHBScientific Assistant with B.Sc.
WHKGraduate Assistant
WVScientific Director

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Image Clinical Nutrition

Department of Clinical Nutrition (KLE)

Personnel (36)

For reasons of data protection not all DIfE staff members are listed.

Telephone 033 200 88 - extension

Name First Name Title Status Extension
Barbosa Yanez Renate Luzia Dok 2787 Renate.Barbosa
Burger Katharina WHB 030/450514-459 Katharina.Burger
Diederich Claudia Jasmine WHB, M. Sc. 030/450514-459 Claudia.Diederich
Diekmann Lavinia Murielle B. Sc. 030/450514-459
Dreidax Franziska M. Sc. 030/450514-459
Hauer Tanja M. Sc. 030/450514-459
Hauer Natalie M. Sc. 030/450514-459
Henkel Anja TeMi 030/450514-429 Anja.Henkel
Inderthal June Sek 2771 / 2797 office.kle
Kabisch Stefan Dr. WiMi 030/450514-429 Stefan.Kabisch
Kemper Margrit Dr. WiMi 2775 Margrit.Kemper
Kowalski Luise WHB 030/450514-459 Luise.Kowalski
Lagerpusch Merit Dr. WHK
Lalama Elena M. Sc. 030/450514-459 Elena.Lalama
Lehn Carolin TeMi 030/450514-426 Carolin.Lehn
Markova Mariya Dr. WiMi 2796 Mariya.Markova
Meyer Nina WiMi 2782 Nina.Meyer
Naumann Pia M. Sc. 2783 Pia.Naumann
Pfeiffer Andreas Prof. Dr. AL 2770 afhp
Pivovarova Olga PD Dr. WiMi 2749 olga.pivovarova
Ritter Katrin TeMi 2763 / 2764 Katrin.Ritter
Sachno Anna TeMi 030/450514-428 Anna.Sachno
Schick-Lang Edda M. Sc. 030/450514-459
Schüler Rita Dr. WiMi 2646 Rita.Schueler
Ullrich Alexandra TeMi 2778 Alexandra.Ullrich
Xu Chenchen Stip 2748 Chenchen.Xu
Xu Li Stip 2748 Li.Xu

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