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June Inderthal
phone: 033200 88-2520

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Department of Decision Neuroscience and Nutrition (DNN)

Telephone (033200) 88 - extension

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Soyoung Q Park

Telephone: 2510
Email: Soyoung.Park


Dr. Elliot Brown

Telephone: 2514
Email: Elliot.Brown
Dr. Eva Fröhlich

Telephone: 2511
Email: Eva.Froehlich
Dr. Lu Liu

Telephone: 2511
Email: Lu.Liu
Dr. Ignacio Rebollo

Telephone: 2519
Email: Ignacio.Rebollo
Damiano Terenzi

Telephone: 2519
Email: Damiano.Terenzi

PhD Student

Anne-Katrin Muth

Telephone: 2514
Email: Anne-Katrin.Muth

Scientific Assistants with B.Sc.

Beatrix Keweloh

Telephone: 2511
Email: beatrix.keweloh
Anna Melkonyan

Telephone: 2518
Email: Anna.Melkonyan

Laboratory Assistants

Heike Bauer

Telephone: 2525
Email: Heike.Bauer

Scholarship Holders

Tamara Danilov

Telephone: 2518
Email: Tamara.Danilov
Willi Meyer

Telephone: 2518
Email: Willi.Meyer

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