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Legend for status
AGLHead of Research Group
ALHead of Department
Ass. AVAssistant to the Administrative Director
Ass. WVAssistant to the Scientific Director
AVAdministrative Director
B. Sc.Bachelor Student
DokPhD Student
Kont.Contact Man
m. DokM. D. Student
M. Sc.Master Student
MA ITStaff Information Technology
MA PR/ÖAStaff Press Office
NWGLHead of Junior Research Group
NWKNetwork Coordinator
Projektingenieurproject engineer
REFExecutive Officer
RLHead of Division
SHKStudent Assistant
StipScholarship Holder
Studienarztresearch physician
TeamleiterTeam leader
TeMiLaboratory Assistant
VerwAOffice Worker
WHBScientific Assistant with B.Sc.
WHKGraduate Assistant
WVScientific Director

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Image Adipocyte Development and Nutrition

Department of Adipocyte Development and Nutrition (ADE)

Personnel (16)

For reasons of data protection not all DIfE staff members are listed.

Telephone 033 200 88 - extension

Name First Name Title Status Extension
Dittberner Nicole TeMi 2369 Nicole.Dittberner
Ewert Nancy Sek 2114 Office.ADE
Garcia Carrizo Francisco Javier Dr. WiMi 2427 Francisco.Garcia
Gohlke Sabrina Dr. WiMi 2112 Sabrina.Gohlke
Kretschmer Antje TeMi 2369 Antje.Kretschmer
Kuhlow Doreen Dr. WHK 2378 doreen.kuhlow
Leer Marina Dok 2115 Marina.Leer
Lenihan-Geels Georgia Dok 2111 Georgia.Lenihan-Geels
Mancini Carola Dok 2115 Carola.Mancini
Puh Spela Dok 2027 Spela.Puh
Richter Susann TeMi 2378 srichter
Schmidt Lucas WHK 2027 Lucas.Schmidt
Schulz Tim Julius Prof. Dr. AL 2110 Tim.Schulz
Soultoukis George Dr. WiMi 2451 George.Soultoukis
Tsamo Tetou Arnold WHB 2112 Arnold.Tsamo_Tetou
vom Hofe-Schneider Sophie Gast 2114

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