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Dr. Krasimira Aleksandrova

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Image Nutrition, Immunity and Metabolism

Start-up Lab Nutrition, Immunity and Metabolism (EIM)


Field of research

Scientists of the start-up lab carry out epidemiological studies to investigate the complex interplay between nutrition, the immune system, metabolic regulation, and the development and progression of age-related disorders. Their goal is to identify novel approaches for risk assessment and risk prediction, with cancer as the focal point of research.


Poor nutrition, metabolic dysregulation, and adiposity-induced inflammation potentially promote a variety of age-related disorders, including some types of cancer. However, the mechanisms of action of these factors remain poorly understood. The multilevel interactions between the metabolic and the immune systems suggest that pathogenic mechanisms may underlie many of the downstream complications of adiposity, thus offering new approaches to targeted disease prevention.


Our group aims to understand the complex interplay between nutrition (including body composition), the immune system, metabolic regulation and the development and progression of age-related disorders, in order to establish innovative methods for risk assessment and prediction. Our research is focused on specific types of cancer, for example, colorectal cancer.

Our work encompasses epidemiological research projects within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) in the following areas:

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