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In 2017 DIfE was reaudited successfully.



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Work and Family

The reconciliation of work and family life is not always an easy task and often places high demands on employees. However, companies and institutions have various ways to relieve their employees by establishing a sustainable family-friendly personnel policy that benefits both sides.

In order to support companies and institutions in improving their personnel policies as to reconciliation of work and family life, the non-profit Hertie Foundation developed the Work and Family Audit in 1998, among other things as a management instrument. Within the framework of the audit, concrete objectives and measures for a family-friendly personnel policy are devised for the institution. This concludes with the awarding of a certification, which has become a recognized seal of quality in recent years.

DIfE was first awarded the Work and Family Audit certification on August 25, 2011. During the auditing process, previous services relating to work organization and human resources were listed and numerous proposals by employees were collected. These were implemented in a target agreement with a comprehensive catalog of measures. As a result, the institute set up a family room to assist employees when it is difficult to organize short-term child care. In addition, Rehbrücker Kolloquium presentations now take place at noontime to enable part-time employees and researchers with family duties to attend the lectures as well. Since then, DIfE has further developed the existing approaches to flexibilization and support programs relevant to working conditions and duties. With the successful reauditing of the institute in the autumn of 2014 and 2017, recertification provided a binding strategic framework for common solutions to meet individual needs. This makes the reconciliation of work and family life possible and supports employees during various stages of life, in particular the difficult phase of scientific qualification.

Further information on DIfE measures to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life can be seen in the list of links on the right. DIfE employees can get more details in the institute intranet. If you have any questions about the Work and Family Audit please contact the DIfE equal-opportunities representative Annett Braune (, the scientific coordinator Anke Schmidt (, and the human-resources director Bärbel Ozierenski (

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