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Second Career Talk at DIfE on 06. September 2019 (Photo: NutriAct Management)

Second Career Talk at DIfE

Doing a PhD is an important step in the life of a young scientist. But what comes after that? A Postdoctoral period in science or a path outside the academic research? On the 6th of September, 40 participating doctoral and postdoctoral students found answers and suggestions at the second Career Talk organized by Dr. Petra Wiedmer from DIfE and Dr. Stefanie Blankenburg from the competence cluster NutriAct. "The Career Talk was a great success. The consistently positive feedback shows how important it is to show young people perspectives," says Professor Tilman Grune, Scientific Director at DIfE and NutriAct speaker.


German Institute of Human Nutrition

The mission of the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke (DIfE) is to conduct experimental and clinical research in the field of nutrition and health. Scientists at the DIfE pursue these scientific goals by interdisciplinary cooperation comprising a broad spectrum of experimental, medical and epidemiological methods.

Therefore the researchers focus on three areas:

The aim is to understand the molecular basis of nutrition-dependent diseases, and to develop new strategies for prevention, treatment, and nutritional recommendations.

DIfE is an independent foundation and member of the Leibniz Association, an alliance of scientific institutions.

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